Happy Clients

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Happy Clients – Happy Life! We take the greatest care of our Clients and consider it an honor and a privilege to serve you!

Courtney T. Tagupa

Amber Vuong

Dave and Chris Butterworth

Jack and Rosemary Davis

Dr. Bill and Annie Clevenger

Eleanor Ing

Dr. and Mrs. Yongsok Do with Super Realtor Grace Moon

Eric Kloninger and Beth Churchill

Debra Baldwin

Dean Soma

Merlyn J. Berryman

James and Sandra Jones

Joan Johnson

Juliana Lam

Kyle Pang and Jennifer Foley

Mark Oda

Mary Ann Clark

Peter Noel

Reverend David and Mrs.Monica Stoker


Siu and Winnie Lee

Steve and Sally Lambert


Amber Vuong


Dr. and Mrs. Michael and Martha Meagher


Ms. Vanlu Madarame


Dr. and Mrs. Ontai


Dr. Gene and Mrs. Shirley Parola


Rosemary Tachera and Doris Moana Rowland

Linda Hamilton and Vaughn Sweat