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Would you give your best friend a half million dollars to invest for you just because you like them?

Better yet, would you let an acquaintance or family member invest a million dollars for you simply due to familiarity?

When put in those terms, most reasonable people would answer “of course not!”


Yet that is what many Buyers do. Many treat their real estate transactions like after thoughts or a favor whose commissions they bestow as gifts to people who may not be professionally qualified to provide expert counsel on what is usually one’s largest monetary investment.

This is especially true of Buyers.

Many follow the all too familiar pattern of trying to do it online themselves, eventually enlisting the help of the last Realtor they’ve met after chasing the all-too-good last Sunday’s open house ad, or worst yet, the listing Realtor himself who is paid to represent the Seller.

So why aren’t people as premeditated as they are when selecting their doctor or lawyer? I believe the primary reason is that most people are unaware of how complex and technical real estate transactions have become.

Most people think that real estate, and thus what Realtors do, is simple and easy. Well, it can be…when in the hands of the wrong person.

While it’s impossible to list all the services that a good Buyer’s Broker should provide, let me highlight the most important ones, and the services that I routinely provide to my Buyer clients as a matter of course.

Finding the BEST Buys First!

I will help you to find the best buys first by providing you with a direct link and updates to the Realtors’ Multiple Listing website. In any market, competition is always fierce for those properties that are priced well and within what I call the “envelope of market credibility”.

Determining WHAT is a Best Buy. The Power of Market Knowledge.

I have been in very active real estate practice for 27 years and have experienced first hand several real estate cycles here in Hawaii, where I have been a life-long resident.

I have provided expert real estate counsel and analysis on a consistent basis for almost all of the largest financial institutions here in Hawaii for many, many years. I have evaluated properties island-wide and I know my stuff.

Values are not created in a vacuum, and I know what is happening in all parts of the island and more importantly, why. I have the experience and expertise to say with confidence that I will make sure you are getting the best buy that you can possibly get!

Negotiating the Contract.

No one is more aware of the terms of the Purchase Contract, which is a legal and binding document. I will make sure that we are in the best possible position and that the Contract provides legal safeguards or contingencies that work for us!

I also enjoy very good professional work relationships with other Realtors, and this human touch definitely helps me to broker the best possible outcomes for my clients! While most Realtors text or email these days, I can pick up the phone and get us the most direct and positive feedback on the properties in which we are interested!

Really Knowing the “E true Hollywood stories” of the Neighborhoods and Buildings that You’re Interested In!

In addition to being one of Hawaii’s top-producing Realtors for 27 years, I am also a life-long Hawaii resident.

I know details which a new Realtor or someone not from here may overlook, but which may be of great importance to you! Do you have allergies? Do you like morning sun? Do mosquitoes like you? Will the sun shine in your eyes during your daily commute to town? These details may seem mundane, but definitely impact everyday living.

Negotiating Escrow and the Due Diligence Inspection Process.

I have sat through almost a thousand home inspections, and while not a licensed contractor, I know more than your average Realtor regarding red flags that I have encountered during my 27 years of very active real estate practice.

I will be there to hold your hand and to actively participate with our experts who will be reviewing your home.

While it is impossible to delineate all of the scenarios and questions that we will be encountering, a partial list includes:

1) Reviewing the Seller’s Disclosure Statement;
2) Coordinating with licensed inspectors to review the Subject Property and any amenities such as pools or spas;
3) Determining whether values remain intact given any needed repairs;
4) Negotiating warranted credits.

Make Sure that Your Realtor is Worthy!

I am worthy of your business and representing you in the largest investment you will ever make!

I have the Legal Expertise to guide you through the Purchase Contract and the Real Estate Experience to insure that you will be getting the Best Buy that your hard-earned dollars deserve in an investment as important as your home!

Now Tell Me About Your Dream Home!

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